Thursday, May 23, 2024

Sabiani tells the reason why he re-entered BBV

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Sabian turned into one of the most talked about characters during this season of “Big Brother VIP”.

Speaking on the show “Let Me Talk”, Sabiani stated that the reason why he entered the house while his daughter, Keisi, was there, was because in a short meeting they could not clarify and they needed time, he revealed and how did he wait for Casey’s exit from BBVIP.

I didn’t even come to get it.

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First because I didn’t expect Casey to show up.

As far as what he gave in there, he came out unjustly.

The reason why I became part of “Big Brother VIP” was because I couldn’t explain it to you for half an hour, and I should have been a resident of that production myself.

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My entry clarified a lot of things, gave him a signal” – said Sabiani.

It was Sabian, Casey’s father, who entered the house where I stayed for a week and gave the message to Casey that he should leave.

After leaving Sabian, she immediately broke off her relationship with Kristi.

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The latter surprised the public with his understanding towards Casey, respecting her decision.

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