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‘Kiara needs to understand that the end has come’, Luiz’s video comes out in the confession room: I don’t see it in my future

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Everywhere on the network, a statement by Luiz from the confession room has gone viral.

With the microphone on, the singer can be heard saying that the relationship with Kiara has come to an end.

He says that he does not see the moderator in his future and that for him the game is more important.

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“It would be very good if Kiara would understand that, or accept that it has come to an end now… This relationship is no longer working.

It happened here, it was beautiful while it lasted, as I said, let it end here.

Everything has a beginning and an end.

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We will have beautiful memories, but I have the most important game, at the moment and for the sake of the truth, I do not see Kiara in my plans for the future, I believe that as much as we have respected each other, I wish with all my heart that she understands me .

Why not stay friends, maybe outside.

I don’t intend to do anything bad but to have fun with him” , Luizi can be heard saying.

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However, despite the singer’s words, things are not as they seem.

Luizi is tasked by the production to make a row to Kiara, but in the end he will give her a big surprise.

It is rumored in the network that there is a possibility that the singer will propose to her for marriage.

Watch the video:


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