Monday, April 22, 2024

Luizi “surrenders” in front of the cameras with the touching message

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Louise Aile’s newest mission has been to make Kiara Tito believe he’s upset with her by acting cold towards her.

Last night Kiara asked him to talk but he refused saying he wanted to sleep.

Asked by Kiara if he was doing this behavior for fun, or if it was related to their relationship, he said that it had to do with their relationship.

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This morning they had coffee together, but there was no communication.

Then Kiara began to express her feelings for him and asked him not to doubt her, even swearing that he loves her, but said that this situation between them is scaring him.

After the moderator left him to be alone, Luiz started to talk to the cameras and said that he ‘didn’t deserve it’.

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“If only Kiara had done this work for me.

That’s why I say that I don’t deserve Kiara, that Kiara is better than me.

Eat her heart, I died for her”, the well-known singer can be heard saying.

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