Thursday, February 29, 2024

Germany stand: The request to send Serbian forces to Kosovo is completely unacceptable

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A few days ago, Serbia sent a letter to NATO asking for the deployment of 1,000 troops in the north of Kosovo.

For this, there was a strong reaction from Germany, which considers such a request completely unacceptable.

This is what the German Embassy in Pristina told the Gazeta Express today, recalling the words of the head of German diplomacy, Annalena Baerbock said early on last December.

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“As Foreign Minister Baerbock publicly stated on Twitter on December 11, 2022: “The request to send Serbian forces to Kosovo is completely unacceptable…”, said from German Embassy in Prishtina.

Germany also consider that dialogue is the only way forward and reminded that the normalization of relations is a prerequisite for EU membership for both Kosovo and Serbia.

“The continuation of the dialogue is the only way to avoid tensions and to finally normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia. It is also a prerequisite for their future EU membership. Germany therefore fully supports all efforts of the EU Special Representative Lajcak in further facilitating the dialogue.”, declared from the German Embassy in Prishtina.

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