Thursday, May 23, 2024

“Kristi asked me to dye my hair like Zaza”/ Keisi: He didn’t tell me he was connected, I felt bad

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Keisi Medini started a romance with Krist Aliaj during her stay in “Big Brother VIP 2”, but a few weeks later they decided to stop dating.

Invited this Friday to “Let me talk”, the singer talked about her relationship with Kristin, which she said was interrupted because she wants to be treated better by her partner.

Next, Casey shared how he experienced the news that Kristi has an outside acquaintance and a girl identified as Zaza claims to be his girlfriend.

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“The biggest surprise was when Kristi told me once in there to make my hair short, black, so it would go longer. And when I saw this thing outside… I was surprised,” says Keisi.

The former resident of “BBV” says that she felt bad after learning about Zaza.

“Betrayal on his part yes, but I am better than I should be. He has expressed internally that he has an acquaintance, he has not said that he has a relationship. I felt bad because he just said an acquaintance, I didn’t think it was so serious.”

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