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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Jonida Maliqi talks about her ‘single’ life: “You’re afraid of getting hurt”

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Jonida Maliqi is one of the most beloved singers for the Albanian public, who, after a break from music, has recently returned with a new musical project, saying that she is returning to her ” first love” .

While talking about her new song ” Need you”, she also shared some details about her private life, the artist said that she needs to give and receive love, but hesitates to create a new relationship because of the fear that don’t make a mistake and get hurt.

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Jonida expressed that she is enjoying her period of being “single”, while adding that in terms of relationships, times have changed and there are no ethics anymore.

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“I think we all need love, it would be absurd to say ‘no, I’m fine the way I am, alone’, I’m my own lady, I feel freer than ever, when you reach maturity, you have a different self-confidence than what have you been young, you enjoy being alone a lot, but I think we human beings need love, I want to give and receive love, but times have changed, everything has changed, ethics, I can’t say morality because everyone does it according to their own way and I wouldn’t want to be a moralist, but it seems to me that the purpose, the truth, the kindness, the soul has gone absolutely, you are afraid of getting hurt, of making a mistake, because you can’t allow it to make mistakes” , she told “Top Albania Radio”.


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