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InfoKosova is an Albanian-language information portal focused mainly on news coverage and information from Albanian areas.

The InfoKosova portal was founded on March 3, 2008, with the aim of becoming a credible, impartial, politically independent media, and always aiming to honestly develop the duty of a media-loving Albanian reader.

The InfoKosova portal comes to you in real time with many articles, folders, comments, analysis and various reports, readers will be able to access this mosaic of information to keep up-to-date on all events from the country, region and beyond .

This medium aims to understand and articulate the immediate concerns of public opinion regarding different aspects of daily life.

With an independent presentation and content as well as initiated by a staff of several InfoKosova journalists aims for professionalism and quality that goes beyond the local and regional market.

In the daily life of InfoKosova portal are present personalities of political, economic and social life, analysts, opinionators, spectacle people, sportsmen and many profiles of different fields.

InfoKosova’s main objective at all times is to maintain professionalism in the field of journalism and never to publish fake news or information with propaganda content, but in any case journalistic ethics will be maintained and we will always dare to display reality as it is, during exist as free media.

InfoKosova, which in its beginnings has been and continues to be aimed at supporting all Albanians, can send us your opinions or opinions, can denounce violations or threats made by officials, you can present various cases of corruption. etc.

All of you who wish to publish / denounce on the InfoKosova portal please contact us at our email:, on our phone number +37744446623

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