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Shemi of “Illyrians” reveals that he was handcuffed by the police after he started singing Adem Jashari’s song in “Sunny Hill”

Shemi from the group Ilirët, through a post on ‘Facebook’, has revealed that he was handcuffed by the Kosovo Police.

According to him, the reason why he was handcuffed was because he had started to sing at the “Sunny Hill” festival.

Through an article, the singer mentioned by name the policeman who handcuffed him, accusing him of being paid by Dukagjin Lipa, to stop him from singing at the festival.

“Today, something happened to me that I had been waiting for in my life. I went to Dig in ‘Sunny Hill’ as a participant without one or two, an official policeman named Shkelzen Xhafa ordered me to be handcuffed without doing any harm and no other policeman wanted to do this, this scoundrel even punished some policemen why Your orders are ignored, this scumbag is clearly paid by Dugagjin Lipa to bring me to this state”, he said.

Then the singer said that they had an argument with Dukagjin Lipa, as Shemi wanted him to sing Adem Jashari’s song at the festival, while he says that Lipa swore to his children that he would not allow it.

“I am angry with Dugi because I swore to two of my children that I dated ADEM JASHARI’s kangen and he swore to three children because he did not have permission. Tomorrow, I’m going out with the corner, let him take as much money as he wants, Shkelzen Xhafa, yes, I’m going out. See you at ‘Sunny Hill’ Shemi Iliret Xhamadanin and Adem Jashari… the legendary song is the biggest hit at the moment, only Dugagjin Lipa is hindering all the staff, he has a knife, even the police knows and only Shkelzen Xhafes is hindering you, not that he has the anger there. God bless the Albanian people”, wrote Shemi.

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